Sunday, January 16, 2011

Trading trends for 2011

Precious metals, such as Gold and Silver, saw big increases in value in 2010. While the same increases are unlikely in 2011, the value will still increase. It is said that in times of low interest rates one should invest in precious metals. However, currently people are rushing to pawnbrokers to SELL their Gold to pay mortgages or rent. While the fat cats at the head of banks around the world get bonuses, the great unwashed [that’s the rest of us] are struggling day to day. We already see demonstrations across the world aimed at austerity measures

The price of Crude Oil is on the rise. However this has less to do with an upturn in demand and more to do with speculation.  The rumor is that oil will reach USD100 a barrel and speculators are getting into the market and artificially making this happen. We doubt that it will reach the 'hundred' mark, at least in the first half of the year, but continued speculation makes it a lottery post-June.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Trading in 2011 - the Siam Trading crystal ball!

2011 is as yet unwritten but is shaping up as a red letter year for Siam Trading (part of the Sutlet Group).

Urea N46, either Prilled or Granular, will be a big part of the effort in 2011. With conditions shaping as better,  next year farmers will be looking for fertilisers to improve crops. We will be supplying Urea, as we did in 2010, at fair prices. Primarily, we sell Russian or Ukrainian Urea as this appears to be preferred to Urea from China or Indonesia.

We will continue with consumer goods, such as sugar, wheat, rice and cooking oil. We see sugar and wheat prices falling, perhaps as early as Q2. Rice will probably remain relatively high, particularly Thai rice as large areas of the North-East suffered floods in November/December and that will affect the harvest. We will supply rice from Vietnam and Pakistan to buyers looking for a cheaper alternative.

Petroleum will again play a large role for our business in 2011. While we will be happy to talk to agents and resellers we will be actively encouraging end-buyers to talk to us. We intend to set up as a Seller’s Mandate in 2011 which will mean that we can get things done smoother and quicker. By dealing directly with the end buyer we cut out the delays, and can get things done.

But we are not going to sit back and take it easy. In 2010 we had some enquiries about Gold, Silver and Diamonds. But it soon became apparent that these markets were even less reliable that Petroleum. So in 2011 we will be looking for real sellers who can supply in a professional manner. 

For buyers who are nervous, or have been victims of rip-offs before, we aim to be an honest broker. Watch for our details of these deals in the next month or so.

So enjoy the New Year break, however long that is. Don’t forget Russia closes for a full week but we will still be open and ready to deal.

Written by Haydn Leseberg, Trade Manager, Sutlet Group
Edited by Stuart Blott, General Manager, Sutlet Group